Finding Inspiration

Every fashionista has a point of stylistic inspiration so I want to kick things off at Sartorial Sara with sharing who most inspires me. Although my aesthetic sometimes varies from more classic to edgy, my stylistic sensibility always comes back to the same origin. Here are three women who inspire my style on a daily basis:

Olivia Palermo

My first introduction to Olivia Palermo came from her role on “The City”. I’m no reality television fan but the show came out the same year I moved to Manhattan, also to work in fashion, making this a must-watch for me. I was instantly taken with Olivia’s mixing and matching — everything from various prints to unexpected combinations (like a belted military jacket paired with a spring floral skirt) and she pulled it all off flawlessly. She constantly mixes high and low ticket items and you can never tell which pieces are the ones she splurged on.

Olivia Palermo is my aspirational muse. Her style has continued to evolve over the years but she has always stayed consistent and true to the same aesthetic. Her ability to pull off a classic shirt with jeans and flats in an elevated way never ceases to amaze me. Her everyday wear seems to always hit just the right note while always coming across as effortless and I think that’s what strikes me the most — the ease with which she pulls anything and everything off, all while making each look her own, is exactly what I seek to achieve in my own style and life.

Blair Eadie

Blair Eadie is perhaps best known through her fashion blog and Instagram channels as Altlantic//Pacific. Her classic and feminine style is always intermixed with a bit of whimsy, generally with an unexpected detail. Blair Eadie reminds me that it’s okay to dress up a little more, just for the fun of it, than everyone else. Just because life seems to have become more and more casual doesn’t mean that you have to let your style fall by the wayside. Blair makes me want to dress up; she makes me want to play with what’s in my closet and be more creative with my pairings and look for special details. She always seems to be playing around a bit, experimenting with new shapes and styles, all while remembering that it’s fashion and fashion is supposed to be fun!

Leandra (Medine) Cohen

Leandra Medine, aka the brains behind Man Repeller, a self-explained “humorous website for serious fashion”, approaches everyday style in a lighthearted and fearless way. Leandra Medine being a stylistic influence of mine will shock many of you as my personal style could be considered quite dissimilar from hers, but it’s her quirkiness that many times outweighs any sensibility that I find so energizing. She dresses for nobody but herself. She doesn’t just have fun with fashion but she approaches it with equal parts humor and intelligence, resulting in uniquely individualistic, meaningful, thought-provoking looks. Leandra Medine used Man Repeller to create a place “where an interest in fashion never minimizes one’s intellect.” If that isn’t inspirational I don’t know what is.